Thursday, July 17, 2008


Amazing Ankush is the son of my close friend Bapi Datta. At his little age of 3+ years, he can effortlessly ride big bikes on busy roads.

Ever since he started walking, his father tried to make him an expert bike rider. We saw Bapi making him sit on the petrol tank of his bike and leaving the handlebar control to him now and then. Gradually, the duration of balancing the bike increased. Initially, he let him ride only on empty roads. Once his control over the bike increased, he let him ride through busy roads. Of course, the foot brake and gear was controlled by Bapi sitting on the pillion seat. Ankush's little feet cannot reach the controls.

Now, in his most outstanding feat, he made a two way trip to the hills of Sevoke and Kalijhora, covering a distance of about 50 kilometres. More so, he made the trip atop a 225 cc Hero Honda Karizma bike, an enormous bike for a 3+ kid.

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