Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sherpa lodge

But I was waiting for my first opportunity to leave this place and move on to a better place where I can breath easily and move freely. In other words, have more freedom. The opportunity came at the end of the first month. At the end of may, one of my new friends, Dr. Srikanta(more of him later) informed me that there is a vacant room at a nearby house which may be just the thing I want. The house is called "Sherpa Lodge".
Subirda(One of my hotel acquintances) introduced me to Srikanta and suggested us to live in a single flat on sharing basis. But Srikanta was looking forward towards a marital knot as soon as possible. So he was unwilling to share a room for just a short period. However, he helped a lot in acquiring another room just opposite to his.
One fine evening, me & Varun (one of my hotel acquintances) moved on to our new home at Sherpa Lodge. It was a cosy little two room apartment constructed entirely of wood. We started staying here from the beginning of June. Sherpa lodge is quite a large house having five storeys occupied almost entirely by people of the academic community, mostly teachers & students. We got our room on the 3rd floor. Srikanta was staying in the room just opposite to ours. So our households carried on as a "milijuli sarkar". Here is a view of my room with Srikanta and Dibyendu from Jalpaiguri.