Tuesday, August 05, 2008


The Gorumara National Park, lying in the flood plains of Murti and Jaldhaka rivers, is the pride of Duars.
On the right bank of the river Murti, very near to the North Garumara Range of the famous Garumara National Park, is a wonderful place for nature observation called the Dhupjhora South Park. It is an ideal place for a relaxation at the weekend.

A fairly medium sized team, all from our office, with the exception of Gopal of Venus Hotel, assembled at the campus of our Siliguri office on the lazy saturday of 12th July 2008. The nine members of our team were myself, Uttam, Gopal, Tapasda, Praneshda, Parthoda, Rathinda, Ashisda and Shogen, Gopal's driver.

We started after 2.00 pm in Gopal's Opel Corsa and Tapasda's Santro. Had a brief lunch stop at Gautam's Dhaba, Sevoke bazaar. The next stop was at Chalsa bazaar. We shopped there for live chicken and some vegetables. The two cars assembled there and took a right turn towards Batabari more. Tapasda led the way and took a left turn from Batabari More. Upto this road the way is familiar to me since it is the same road leading to Murti Lodge of the WBFDC. From Dhupjhora bazaar, Tapasda took a right turn. We crossed the Dhupjhora primary school and took a left turn towards Bhagatpara. The mud track passed through a vast plantation of beetlenuts known as the "Guabari". Finally, on crossing a treacherous muddy track over a small stream, we reached the gate of the Dhupjhora South Park resort.

We selected the farthermost cottage, nearest to the river and the overlooking machan. At about 8 p.m. we set out for our nightly adventure of catching riverine fish. Narain, a local fearless boy, was our guide and trainer. he has excellent abilities of catching fishes in the dark.