Thursday, July 06, 2006

Greencar (Electric Car)

Most weekends I return to my original home at Siliguri, in the foothills, about 80 kms from Darjeeling. Here I carry on my other hobby (other one is travelling) of tinkering with technology. My love of hobby engineering goes back to my school days, when I used to participate in different science fairs.
20th May 2006 was a memorable day in this regard. On this day I completed the first prototype of my Green Car (Electric Car). It runs on a 12 Volt DC motor and power is supplied by a 12 volt lead acid motorcycle battery. This is my first success after many days of trial and error. Although it is only kid size(designed for my two year old neice), I plan to make a bigger version in the near future. I will carry on with its development in the coming days.

Thats my cute little niece Rimjhim driving the Green Car on our roof.

Along with this, I am starting work on my next project which will be an electric bike.