Sunday, May 29, 2005

Begin exploring Darjeeling

My exploration of Darjeeling began right on the first month of stay. I have greedily noticed that one of my office colleagues, Mr Dorje Lama, owns a battered Yamaha bike. Nothing could be better than this and also beggars cannot be chosers. It reminded of my own trusted bike which I could not take to Darjeeling due to some problems. So I coaxed him one day to take me to a joyride. The weather was fantastic. I just took my trusted Sony camera with me.
We quickly crossed the North Point (near Saint Joseph School) and continued further forward. The surroundings gradually changed from urban to the rural and the conjested and overcrowded streets of Darjeeling gave way to open horizon. Soon we passed the enormous pillars of the now defunct Darjeeling Ropeway. I was thrilled at the change of the surroundings so soon! The undulating sea of tea plantation on our left stretched to the horizon. The slopes descended to enormous depths, on whose precipice there seemed to exist a river. Dorje Lama told me that the river marks the border between West Bengal & Sikkim. Then it mus be thr Rangit. All land beyond the river belongs to Sikkim. Instantly I decided to visit Sikkim through this way sometime in the future.
We went to the Lebong football ground and watched an ongoing football match. Football is a very popular sport in these hilly regions. I had often seen boys and girls walking several hours from faraway villages just to watch a football match. One can have a view of the Toong Soong approach of the Darjeeling Mall from this football ground. Then we carried on further through the desolate road towards Lebong.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


I began a new era of my life from 2nd May 2005, when I joined our Darjeeling Office. Darjeeling, as many already know, is a very popular hill station. It is affectionately called "The queen of hills". My original hometown is Siliguri, which is not very far from Darjeeling(about three hours motorable journey). One of my colleagues took me to a dingy hotel and said that my accomodation has been arranged there, on monthly rental basis. They will provide both fooding and lodging. I was very much disappointed to see the state of the hotel. I decided that I will have to change my accomodation on the first opportunity. In spite of the low standard of the hotel, I was quite happy because I was looking forward towards my stay at Darjeeling with much enthusiasm. The hotel is located at "Tungsung", which is about 7 minutes walk from The Mall. The bathrooms were horrible and the food matched them. But the good thing about the place is that here I got acquainted with many good people such as Srikant, Lakrada, Subirda & Barun.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Hi friends,

I am a dreamer of dreams. I love adventure & making friends. I live at Darjeeling, the famous hill station affectionately known as "Queen of Hills". I am intersted in making friends and going places with them, preferably a bit 'off the track' places. I like trekking, biking, white water rafting & para gliding. I am also interested in Hobby engineering and digital photography.