Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I never believed my tours and adventures are going to pay me off someday. Yet this unbelieveable has happened. Google has sent me my first payment of 102 dollars (Rupees 4067). I received the cheque today. This adsense program from Google is really great. Now I shall write my blogs with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Do you want to earn some money by writing about your favourite subjects? Then start blogging now. Be patient. Success will come. Contact me if you want to learn more. Cheque out the picture of my cheque yourself.


Vox Populi said...

Congrats Rajib! This is really great. Hope you will get more and more cheques in shorter times.

Raju said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Mr vox populi. I wish to know more about you. Can u please introduce yourself?

Krishna said...

Hi Rajib,

How much have earned till date?

because, i too have a blog, just started. i know little bit of adsense from google.

please help me building a decent blog.
here is my blog

sanjeev said...

hello Rajib, You are a blogger since 2005.When did you get attach with google adsense and how much have you earned from adsense ?