Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Remember my first electric baby car last year? Well, I admit that my progress is very slow. But nevertheless, I am going somewhere. In my last post about electric vehicle, I expressed my wish to work on a new project of electric bike.
Well, I tested my first prototype on 22nd June 2006. It was fitted with a motor used for running a windshield wiper for a bus or truck. I tested it with a very small motorcycle battery and it carried me fairly well. The speed is still painfully slow, but I am confident to evolve it into an electric vehicle for everyday use. I mounted the 12 V DC motor over the rear wheel but I think that using a hub mounted motor will improve its performance. Then I realized that the power of my wiper motor is not quite sufficient to carry an adult person. So I kept the electric bike at bay for the time being and concentrated to improve the baby car.

This is the next version of my baby electric car. It is a part of my ongoing projects of electric vehicles. I put the same wiper motor on this baby car. The motor comes with a worm gear pre-fitted with it. Now the motor is sufficient to pull the small car. I used a bicycle chain sprocket assembly for transmission and reduction. It was intended for my friend Samir Baraik's son. But before Samir took it home, my daughter took advantage of the situation. Here is she having a trial joyride on our rooftop.

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