Thursday, May 17, 2007


Lot of barebodied men of all ages skin dipping in a pool of water. The water is rather warm than hot. An appearance analogous to a fish market, where a large number of live fishes are kept in a barrel for sale. This, in essence was my first impression of the Tatopani hot spring site.
Our next adventure was to Tatopani of Sikkim. Night hault at our earlier favourite place Bijanbari I.B. As usual, our trusted Mahindra jeep was ready for a backbreaking trip. The day was 26th January 2007. Initial plan was to go to Rangpo, Sikkim. After reaching Rangpo, decided to visit the hot spring at Tatopani, at the insistence of our host. He was a contractor of S.E.B. According to him it is a very auspicious, 'must see" place. On the way to the famous tourist spot Peling, it was a calm and serene place on the bank of Rangit. After reaching there, we discovered that the place is a real treat to the eyes as well.
Firstly there is a near vertiginous climb down a narrow flight of steps. Then we had to cross a worn out suspension bridge over the crystal clear river water. Walk for about 200 metres to reach the spot of hot springs. It is a very small pool of water just above the main flow of the river. Hot water overflows from this pool into the river. It was so full of people that we lost the interest of dipping in it. Just above the hot spring, there is a cave. It is considered very auspicious by the local people. Mystic Sikkim at her best!

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