Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bijanbari & Rammam -2

We set out for Rimbik in the trusted Mahindra jeep after having a nice breakfast at the I.B. The road was backbreaking. The jeepable road was curved on faces of steep slopes above deep gorges. We crossed the Rammam khola river by a very narrow hanging bridge. Few hours of bumpy ride took us to the Rammam hydel project I.B. It was just before lunch time. We secured our rooms and ordered our lunch. Waiting for lunch, we wandered nearby and took photographs of the river Rammam flowing through a deep gorge just below the bunglow. After almost an hour, lunch was served.
Continued our journey to Rimbick. Old memories kept on coming. Tried to compare the present Rimbick with the past. Visited Sherpa Hotel. It seemed more beautiful. Went to visit the home of Arup's co-worker.

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