Monday, August 28, 2006

Tiger Hill Trek

On May 2006, just before the onset of the monsoon rains, we did a wonderful one day trek to the Tiger Hill near Darjeeling. Tiger hill is a popular sunrise point visited by large hoards of tourists. The trek started at 6.00 am from our Darjeeling residence at Toong Soong. We were four in the team. Myself and my Darjeeling friends Srikanta, Poulami & Moumita. We passed through the Senchal protected forest and also bypassed the Senchal lake. Its a pity, we did not see any wild animals except some mischieveous monkeys and birds. Most of our trail near the top passed through dense outgrowth of a species of very small bamboo plants. These bamboo shoots are the favourite food of the red panda. Since all the other members were first-timers in the world of trekking, we walked in a very leisurely manner. Thus we reached to the top of Tiger Hill in four hours. At 10 am, we did not find any tourists since they left just after sunrise. The weather was pleasant with a totally overcast sky. On the top, we made wonderful sandwitches made of mayonese, tomato, onion & cucumber slices. We also had some fruits and boiled eggs.
We are thinking about of some more treks of this type.


kleinkolin said...

dear rajib da your blogs are superb,

which carry much information and it

may help those wandering people...

keep it up...


yom_cule said...

Hello, Can you please share your mail id? I have couple of things to ask about the trek.