Monday, October 03, 2005

Ousted from my room

After quite a few months of stay, I realised that my room partner Varun is a strange guy. How could I make such a grave mistake? How could such misappropriation occur in my judgement? It could be due to my desperate urge to leave the hotel as soon as possible. This guy had the habit of making a lot of promises and commitments, but fulfilling very few. The very habit which I despise very much. However, I was still managing to coexist peacefully with him. But the most offensive incidents occured after his marriage was fixed. Firstly, he invited me to attend his marriage ceremony as a 'borjatri' and also his reception ceremony (boubhat). He also asked me to confirm my attendance so that he can book tickets and make arrangements for me. I confirmed that I will be unable to attend the reception, but will surely attend the marriage ceremony. Then he went to his home to make the arrangements. But when he returned back a few days before his marriage, he blatantly stated that my invitation to his marriage ceremony is cancelled and he will be unable to take me as a 'Borjatri'. I was stunned but could'nt mouth a word of protest. I accepted it rather sportingly.
The next incident occured after his marriage. I was at my home at Siliguri, as usual, during the weekend. He just informed me that he was on his way back to Darjeeling. I invited him to visit my home at Siliguri, since it will fall on his way. He said that he is currently visiting his friend at Bagdogra(a mere 8 km from Siliguri) and he will visit my home in the evening. I waited for him but he did not turn up. I was'nt surprised much since I was somewhat accustomed to his character. But he did not mention anything about his wife. On the next day I returned to Darjeeling. After a tiring journey and a full day's work at office, I returned to my room. A great surprise was waiting for me there. On my knock, the door was opened by an unknown woman! Just think of it, an unknown woman in our bachelor's apartment! Varun appeared after a few moments and shyly introduced her as his wife. I was both stunned and shocked at this situation. I was fast considering my options about where to stay the night. I stepped inside the room to encounter more shocking sights. Both the rooms were filled with alien objects. Even my bed was dumped with them. It seemed that they had brought the whole lot of marriage gifts with them. After the brief introduction, I changed my dresses. Then I excused myself and went to Srikant's room. Srikant offered me to stay with him in his room. But I acted stubborn. I wanted to show Varun that I also have right to that room. So I decided to stay right in my room until an amiable agreement is reached.
So that night I stayed in my room along with the couple in the other room. It was embarrassing for all of us. On the next day, when other friends learnt about the situation, two of them also offered me to stay with them. One of them was Debasisda, our ABM, and the other was Rupen, who is an LIC agent by profession. But after considering the facts, I accepted Srikant's offer, since thus I could continue my fooding at the mess. So I stayed the next part of my stay in Darjeeling in Srikant's room. I continued staying in his room till the end of February 2006 when he came with his wife after marriage.

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